Hi, I'm an ARC

Otherwise known as an Autonomous Robot Carrier. I am your friendly neighborhood delivery buddy. I'm all about making your life simpler with safe, fast, and environmentally friendly delivery services.

I'm teaming up with Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud University and SPL in Riyadh. From XX.XX. to XX.XX.XXXX, I'll navigate campus roads to deliver parcels quickly and safely. If we cross paths, your feedback would make my day!


First, you place an order through SPL app or website.

Then we will give you a call to arrange the delivery time and location

Afterwards I pick up your order and make my way to you.

While I'm on my way, you get a pickup code sent to you. When I arrive, enter that code on my PIN pad and press 'OK'.

The locker opens up and you retrieve your order.

Press the 'Green' button to close the locker

and I'm off to my next delivery!

When in trouble, please contact customer support at
+966 00 000 0000

About me


For three years I’ve been cruising alongside cars, bikes, and pedestrians on public roads – and I’m proud to say, I’ve maintained a spotless safety record with zero accidents.


I’m not just about delivering your online orders. I am designed to adapt and transport anything you need. Over the years, I’ve worked with businesses in logistics, healthcare, and grocery sectors, carrying everything from parcels to patient samples. Versatility is my middle name.

I've been around the WORLD WORLD WORLD WORLD .

I’m actively working with my partners in Estonia, Belgium, Lithuania, and the USA – I’m ready to add more locations to my list!


What are the benefits of Clevon’s Autonomous Robot Carriers (“ARCs”)?

The continued growth of e-commerce demands a sustainable and affordable solution for “last-mile” deliveries. Clevon’s fully electric ARCs are designed to meet this challenge by (i) reducing the number of failed deliveries (e.g., customer not at home), (ii) facilitating convenient returns, (iii) using less energy than traditional delivery options, (iv) emitting zero CO2, (v) decreasing the cost of delivery for customer, (vi) reducing congestion associated with traditional large delivery trucks, and (vii) offering greater customer convenience through on-demand service.

With over 15 years of experience in robotics and last-mile delivery solutions, Clevon is considered a world leader in innovation.

How does the delivery service work and how much does it cost?

Clevon partners with other commercial entities that are, in turn, responsible for
determining the cost of delivery, as well as for arranging and administering the items to be delivered to their customers thru their own application programs/software. These commercial entities transmit the pick-up and drop-off destinations to Clevon for their customers’ deliveries. Clevon, then, dispatches its ARCs to perform the deliveries.

What type of items will Clevon’s ARCs deliver?

Clevon’s ARCs are design to transport a multitude of items, including packages, groceries, restaurant, and other retail and industrial items. The ARC’s have multiple transport compartment options that can carry single or multiple customer orders, offering maximum flexibility for our customers.

ARC’s transport cargo with a combined weight of up to 335 lbs.

Are Clevon’s ARCs safe for pedestrians and other road users?

Yes. Clevon’s ARCs are equipped with an Automated Driving System, which includes (i) a redundant perception system e.g., Global Navigation Satellite Systems (“GNSS”), Inertial
Measurement Unit (“IMU”) sensors, cameras with a 360-degree field of view around the ARC, and mid-and-long range radar capabilities, (ii) a collision-avoiding planning system, (iii) a cutting-edge cybersecurity system, and (iv) a fully functional remote operator system with accompanying advanced warning capabilities.

The ARCs perception system is under continuous development, and together with the evolution of technology and science, the performance and key parameters of the system will constantly improve. Clevon’s ARCs can perceive all pre mapped static objects, such as drivable space, roads, lanes, buildings, traffic lights and sign. In addition, the ARCs can identify and avoid pedestrians, vehicles, and animals.

How do Clevon’s ARCs maneuver on public roads?

Clevon’s ARCs have a top speed of 20 mph and operate on public roads with a maximum speed of 35mph. ARCs are programmed to travel on the right side of the road – adjacent to the curb – to minimize any disruptions to traffic flows.

In addition to the Automated Driving System mentioned above, ARCs are equipped with lights on the front and rear of the devices, as well as an identification marker that includes the contact information for Clevon.

How are ARCs charged and how far can they travel on one charge?

Clevon’s ARCs offer both plug-in and wireless charging solutions, which include
regenerative braking. The process is designed to maximize efficiency. By illustration, charging from 20% to 80% takes approximately 45 minutes.

ARC’s have an operating range of approximately 50 miles or 6 hours per charge.

Where are ARCs permitted to operate by law?

Presently, several U.S. states affirmatively authorize the operation of Clevon’s ARCs on public spaces, pursuant to state law, in Texas, Arizona, Utah, West Virginia, and New

Where are Clevon’s ARCs currently operating?

Clevon’s ARCs are operating in communities in Estonia, Lithuania, and Belgium. And now here in Texas.