What are the possible locker combination options?

The MultiBox comes with interchangeable locker combinations. It can be easily configured with different locker amounts, including 3-locker, 4-locker, 5-locker, and 6-locker options.

Do the lockers come with adjustable sizing?

The height of the lockers inside the MultiBox can be adjusted to 600 mm (24 in) or 300 mm (12 in). The locker width is fixed.

What is the maximum amount of lockers possible?

The maximum amount of lockers possible at the moment is six.

What happens when a client doesn't close the locker?

No worries, the lockers can be closed remotely and CLEVON 1 will not continue on its route with open lockers.

Can the LED light colors inside the lockers be customized?

Yes, the LED light colors inside the lockers can be easily changed individually.