What are CargoBox's dimensions?

Length 1.6 m (63 in)
Width  1 m (39.4 in)
Height 0.8 m (31.5 in)

How much can it haul at once?

The CargoBox manages weights up to 150 kg  (330 lbs) and its internal volume is 1m3 (35.31 cubic ft).

How do you separate different orders for different clients?

The CargoBox comes equipped with separation panels and hooking points allowing the user to freely modify the interior and maximize the space needed.

Can the exterior be customized?

Yes, branding of the client’s choice can be added to the CargoBox and vehicle.

How do you ensure safety of the carried goods?

In addition to the vehicles 360-degree camera system, the CargoBox is equipped with an internal camera giving us a clear live view of what is happening inside. The CargoBox can only be opened with a designated code. 

How do we approach potential customer side problems?

Issues that the end user might run into can be resolved remotely and any confusion can be cleared up by talking directly to the client through our integrated microphone.