The Clevon


The Clevon


Your on-demand autonomous delivery solution

Our first top application is designed to offer businesses a configurable all-around delivery solution that is capable of carrying various sized goods serving different delivery needs.

Enhanced customer experience

A modern, efficient and convenient last-mile solution for deliveries and returns.

Flexible payment solutions

Payments can be made through an app, online store or the vehicle's integrated payment terminal.

Smart inner design

Equipped with multiple anchor points, cargo nets and adjustable separation panels for different product types.

Spacious cargo bay

Deliver a wide variety of goods ranging from ready meals, groceries, smaller sized parcels to bigger sized appliances.

Multifunctional service

Apply, adapt and adjust different business models to increase the return on investment and offer diverse services.

24/7 availability

Day or night, summer or winter - our product keeps your service operational all year round.

The customer journey

1. Client orders a delivery

2. Autonomous delivery vehicle arrives at the pick-up location

3. Order is placed into the Clevon CargoBox

4. Software determines the most efficient route to the delivery address, sends the client a pickup code and the arrival time

5. Delivery vehicle drives to the destination address

6. End-customer inserts pickup code

7. Parcel is retrieved from the vehicle

8. Delivery vehicle continues to fulfil next order

Is CLEVON 1 the right fit for your company?

Frequently Asked Questions

Length 1.6 m (63 in)
Width  1 m (39.4 in)
Height 0.8 m (31.5 in)

The CargoBox manages weights up to 150 kg  (330 lbs) and its internal volume is 1m3 (35.31 ft3).

The CargoBox comes equipped with separation panels and hooking points allowing the user to freely modify the interior and maximize the space needed.

Yes, branding of the client’s choice can be added to the CargoBox and vehicle.

In addition to the vehicles 360-degree camera system, the CargoBox is equipped with an internal camera giving us a clear live view of what is happening inside. The CargoBox can only be opened with a designated code. 

Issues that the end user might run into can be resolved remotely and any confusion can be cleared up by talking directly to the client through our integrated microphone.

Download the CLEVON CargoBox product sheet here