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Your on-demand autonomous delivery solution

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Affordable. Sustainable. Safe.

Why us?

Last-mile labor costs down by 80-90%

One teleoperator will supervise multiple vehicles, thus significantly reducing direct operational costs.

Zero CO2 emissions

Autonomous electric vehicles help companies achieve their carbon emission targets.

Proven track record

Already a 3rd generation vehicle with over 2 years of experience on European public roads.

Scalable solution

Fast deployment in any city
with no geographic limitations for teleoperators.

Other benefits

Our fully in-house developed vehicle is safe and weighs under 500 kg (1100 lbs). 

Trusted by

Designed with efficiency in mind

Our self-driving unmanned delivery vehicles can be adapted to transport anything and navigate through urban environments with ease.

The Clevon CargoBox

A top application that offers users a wide and adaptable delivery solution that can carry various sized goods - ranging from groceries to home appliances.

Safety is our #1 priority

Our approach to safety and autonomous driving allowed us to be the first company in Europe with a license to operate unmanned vehicles on public roads.

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Meet the MultiBox – made to maximize efficiency and profitability

Clevon AS has developed and built the new MultiBox top application, by which the functionality of the CLEVON 1 robot carrier is expanded.  The CLEVON 1 robot carrier is a platform vehicle equipped with various top applications for different business … Read More

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