Our approach to Safety

System safety

We are taking steps to implement ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 into our processes. We develop an efficient non-conformity management system and product change management to detect issues and act accordingly. We will not tolerate any unresolved issues. We apply industry standards (ISO) to test software, hardware, and vehicles.


We have a built-in emergency stop for different circumstances and we constantly monitor the vehicles with teleoperators. As software develops and higher SAE autonomous levels are achieved, the shift from teleoperator to software will happen, which will allow the software to make quicker decisions to avoid hazards and risk conditions.


Our goal is for our vehicles to correspond with the local and general legislation requirements. We internally develop robust testing and validation processes and methods to support quick improvements via changes and faster deployment to the market. Public road testing and customer use cases are valuable learning points to improve product basic functionalities and reliability.


Our vehicles utilize lithium-titanite batteries that do not explode or catch fire. As a result, in case of emergencies, there is no additional risk for surrounding people and cargo it carries, thus being generally safer than competitors using different technologies. Furthermore, as there are no drivers or passengers, that hazard aspect is completely removed.

Making sure legislation is ready for our technology

Not only do we follow regulatory developments, but we also participate actively. For example, we have a leading role in working with stakeholders in Estonia to update laws for autonomous driving. We also participate in the EU expert group on technical regulations for autonomous vehicles.

Expertise in piloting on public roads

Until the legal environment is ready for large-scale deployment, we gain extensive public road experience in pilot projects. Our experience from nearly two years on Estonian public roads is transferable to getting pilots up and running in other countries. We emphasize working with local authorities, identifying and meeting all legal requirements in any country we operate in.

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