Meet the team

Meet the team

Changing the world, together.

We are creating the future of autonomous mobility. From being named the last-mile delivery innovation of the year to being the first company in Europe to get a license to operate unmanned vehicles on public roads – the team has been crossing milestones at a record pace since the beginning.


Years of experience in robotics and hardware development


Years of experience in creating and operating last-mile operations


Bright and talented minds in our team


Software, mechanics, electronics, testing, design, legislation, and service development – all teams coming together, forming an autonomous harmony.

  • Software

    The software team brings our unmanned robot couriers to life through developing a state-of-the-art autonomous robot platform.

  • Mechanics

    Creating concepts and bringing them to the public streets - through the hands of our engineers, the virtual models on the screen become a reality.

  • Electronics

    Designing and producing original electric systems from scratch or implementing existing solutions. The electronics team adds spark to our vehicles!

  • Testing

    Conducting and developing the daily testing process for our robot couriers. Our operators ensure safety both on the test site and on the public streets.

  • Design

    Designers give shape to our ideas. Innovative physical and digital products are born in the minds of our design team.

  • Legislation

    How to bring unmanned autonomous vehicles to public roads? Our legislative team addresses such innovative legal questions.

  • Service development

    Creating an innovative service platform for an innovative solution. Offering a convenient and futuristic customer experience.

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Arno Kütt

Head of Strategy and Innovation

Mihkel Ilp

Chief Sales Officer

Martin Appo

Head of Autonomous Driving

Rivo Kooskora

Head of Production and Supply Chain

Tiia Toom

Chief Operating Officer

Mart Roht

Head of Research and Development

Tõnis Väli

Head of Mechanical Engineering

Meelis Animägi

Head of Safety and Quality

Sander Sebastian Agur

Chief Executive Officer

Margot Arula

Head of Legal and IP

Lauri Hirvesaar

Head of Design

Kallo Keelmann

Chief Financial Officer

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