An exciting end of May for Cleveron Mobility. We participated in two fantastic events – International Transport Forum 2022 Annual Summit in Leipzig, Germany, and the 14th ITS European Congress in Toulouse, France!

Our CEO Sander Sebastian Agur and CSO Mihkel Ilp had many fruitful discussions during those events, and it was amazing to see the delegates’ reactions after hearing that our autonomous vehicles have been on public roads and in actual city traffic for the past 2 years. Many Ministers of Transport were eager to follow our example in Estonia and allow autonomous vehicles to be deployed in their respective countries.

On top of many wonderful discussions and demos, an assumed world record was set with our unmanned robot courier CLEVON 1. The vehicle located in Viljandi was operated from more than 2,500 kilometers in Toulouse, France!

The record was set by the Mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Claude Dardelet. Representatives of Airbus, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda, who witnessed the event, also said it fully well could be a record of its kind.

“Despite the distance of almost 2,500 kilometers, there were no system failures, and the quality of service did not decrease. To our knowledge, operating an autonomous unmanned vehicle from such a distance has not been done so far,” said Sander Sebastian Agur, CEO of Cleveron Mobility.

Cleveron Mobility estimates that by the end of 2022, five international pilot projects have been launched and the vehicles will have crossed 100,000 kilometers. Cleveron Mobility wants to start mass production in 2024.