We are excited to announce that Cleveron’s team Mobility is expanding and has opened an office in Tartu.

As the team behind our autonomous vehicles is gaining more and more momentum, we have decided to broaden our reach and provide better opportunities for new talent to hop on board and create the future with us. What better place to do so than the city of good thoughts.

Opening our new office in Tartu led the team to a week full of adventure. From setting up our new office space to bringing our vehicle up close to the people for a hands-on experience and finally finishing the week off with our open doors day, where all robotics enthusiasts could come and get a better overview of our team and vehicles.

It brings us great joy that our robot courier Cleveron 701 can deliver parcels and bring out such genuine reactions from onlookers on city streets simultaneously. We are thrilled that our product not only increases the convenience and efficiency of parcel delivery but also gives clients and even bystanders an excellent experience.

Cleveron 701 is the first driverless autonomous delivery vehicle in Europe with a pilot license to operate on public streets across the country. Supervised remotely, the vehicle can drive in low traffic areas to deliver goods within a 15–30 minute driving range of a retailer, fulfilment centre or a dark store. Cleveron 701 is also designed as an adaptable, autonomous platform to which the operator can add suitable modifications for serving different delivery needs.

Be part of our journey and help us create the world’s most innovative autonomous vehicles. Check out our job openings here: https://cleveron.com/careers.