Clevon’s robot couriers start home delivery of goods from IKI stores in Lithuania, which will be operated by the last-mile transportation platform LastMile. Partners will launch the three-way service in Vilnius.

The parties agree that the use of energy and environmentally friendly transport are increasingly interconnected, and Clevon’s autonomous vehicle CLEVON 1 will be part of the home delivery logistics during the test phase.

According to the CEO of Clevon, Sander Sebastian Agur, autonomous vehicles have great potential in the retail and delivery sector: “Our robot courier CLEVON 1 can deliver packages, groceries as well as orders from restaurants and dark stores. This enables customers to save time on shopping. Additionally, deliveries will be nature friendly, economically efficient and sustainable.”

The first stage of the strategic cooperation is a proof-of-concept pilot project in Lithuania with project partners IKI and LastMile. The main goal of the pilot project is to test Clevon’s technology and bring their vehicles to Lithuanian public roads.

As part of the pilot project, partners will gain valuable insights about integrating autonomous vehicles into existing last-mile platforms and how this technology enables service operators to achieve their commercial and environmental goals.

IKI has had stores in the Baltic states since 1991. With over 1.2 million members, IKI runs Lithuania’s second largest loyalty program. The company has 231 stores with approximately 6,000 employees and around 1,500 apprentices, which makes IKI one of the largest employers in the country.

LastMile is a startup company that IKI partly owns. The company offers fast home delivery of goods in several major Lithuanian cities through an app, and the ordering platform developed by them has quickly reached the phones of many Lithuanians.

Clevon develops multifunctional autonomous vehicles that help make home delivery of goods cheaper, faster, more customer-friendly and more environmentally friendly.