The 1st of April marks the official arrival of a new autonomous driving tech company. Based in Estonia, the #1 country in Europe in the number of unicorns per capita, Cleveron Mobility AS offers modern solutions to the challenges logistic and retail companies face – the high labor costs of last-mile delivery and the ever-growing driver shortage.

Intending to take last-mile delivery to the next level, the company develops and manufactures autonomous unmanned vehicles designed as multifunctional platforms that can serve different business needs.

The vehicles are implemented with Mobility’s Autonomous Driving System, enabling a market-ready, fully autonomous delivery solution in closed logistics areas and allowing complete teleoperational control of the vehicles whenever needed.

Formerly operating under Cleveron AS since 2018, the team has now grown into its own company – Cleveron Mobility AS. We are a team consisting of 50+ bright and talented minds with:

  • 2+ years of on-field experience operating autonomous driverless vehicles on public roads;
  • 10+ years of experience in robotics and hardware development;
  • 20+ years of experience in creating and operating last-mile operations.

With the estimated global last-mile delivery market to grow from 108 bln USD to 200 bln USD by 2027, the company sets off to unlock the sector’s untapped potential and make autonomous delivery affordable, sustainable, and safe for everyone.