The management and supervisory board of Cleveron AS submitted the spin-off plan for the Cleveron Mobility department to its shareholders for their approval. Following the spin-off, Cleveron AS will continue its current core business, developing, manufacturing, and global sales of parcel lockers and robots.

The new company’s name will be Cleveron Mobility AS, and it will solely focus on the development and manufacturing of autonomous unmanned platform vehicles for retailers and logistic companies. Cleveron Mobility team has been working on the autonomous platform since 2017 and has grown to a team of over 50 skilled professionals. So far, Cleveron has invested more than 7 million euros in the team and its products.

The purpose of the spin-off is to accelerate the growth of both businesses. Cleveron Mobility AS strives to make the operation of last-mile delivery and general transport of goods significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly than today, and the goal of Cleveron AS is to increase the volume of its parcel locker and APM business tenfold over the next five years.

The assets, liabilities, intellectual property, and rights related to the development of the unmanned autonomous vehicle will be transferred to the ownership of Cleveron Mobility AS.  The spin-off shall be completed no later than April 2022.
To support the ongoing growth of the new company, Cleveron Mobility is aiming to raise additional capital in its late seed round in June 2022.”