Cleveron Mobility, a company developing the technology of driverless autonomous vehicles, and the parcel delivery company DPD Eesti are known to be the first in Europe to deliver a package to a customer with a driverless autonomous vehicle. Thanks to its flexible cargo capacity and the capability of driving on public roads, it’s able to offer a good alternative to fossil fuel vans.

The driverless autonomous vehicle, manufactured by Cleveron Mobility, is developed as a robotic courier with the aim to deliver goods and equipment in a more efficient, flexible  and environmentally friendly way for both people and businesses.

According to the CEO of Cleveron Mobility, Arno Kütt, robotic couriers can transport goods to several destinations just like conventional vans but without the need for a driver. This creates more efficient ways of delivery and provides relief for the rapidly growing input costs in the parcel delivery sector.

“The e-commerce market is continuing to grow rapidly in the developed world. And it requires more and more transportation to meet the demand,but with the steady decline of drivers, we see that autonomous solutions are key in satisfying last-mile deliveries globally. Cleveron Mobility definitely wants to be among the world leaders in this field and achieve the position of the market leader,” Kütt explained. 

Autonomous and electric-powered robotic couriers make cities significantly more environmentally friendly by reducing CO2 emissions and noise pollution. Remo Kirss, CEO of DPD Eesti, said that sustainable smart urban logistics is also one of the cornerstones of DPD and the introduction of electric vans is already one of the measures that the company is successfully implementing today. 

“We see that the introduction of autonomous robotic couriers in parcel delivery is a very important next step among environmentally friendly delivery methods. We are extremely pleased to be the first parcel delivery company in Europe to launch a parcel delivery service with a driverless autonomous courier robot in a public urban space. This will allow us to continue to introduce innovative solutions through practice to the general public and to encourage residents and consumers to make environmentally conscious decisions when choosing services and products,” Kirss stated.

The first parcel delivery by a driverless autonomous vehicle in Europe was performed in Tallinn, but a larger-scale parcel delivery service based on robot couriers will be launched in cooperation with DPD in Viljandi in the near future. According to Remo Kirss, the companies can start sending parcels with robot couriers to their customers as well as private individuals to other private individuals within the city of Viljandi.

The robot couriers drive on public roads and work in the radius of about 5 kilometres, within which it is able to deliver parcels between different destinations. The autonomous robot courier platform can be fitted with various applications to serve different business needs. For example, it can be adapted to deliver different sized parcels and ready-meals or be a mobile vending machine.

Cleveron Mobility

Cleveron Mobility is an Estonian company developing autonomous vehicle technology, focusing on making last-mile parcel deliveries more cost-effective and innovative through the development and production of robotic couriers. The growing team of Cleveron Mobility has over 50 members.

DPD Eesti

DPD Eesti is a leading domestic and international parcel delivery service provider, serving both private and business customers in Estonia with nearly 260 couriers and 250 vehicles (15 of which are fully electric vans). In addition, DPD employs more than 170 people. DPD currently has 256 parcel machines in Estonia.