Autonomous robot carrier CLEVON 1 delivering for Viljandi Hospital

Starting today, the driverless teleoperated robot carrier CLEVON 1 will be moving between the facilities of the Viljandi Hospital and assisting the hospital with the transportation of patients´ test materials from hospital´s departments to the laboratory. The innovative solution was made in cooperation between Viljandi Hospital and Clevon AS, the developer and manufacturer of robot couriers.

“My colleagues and I discussed what would be a smoother, faster, safer and employees´ time-valuing solution for the transport of sample materials from the various building complexes of the Viljandi Hospital to the hospital’s laboratory” introduced the birth of the idea Saima Hinno, the nursing manager of the hospital.

“During the brainstorming, several smart and environmentally friendly ideas were born, including using a robot courier. Clevon was interested in the proposed cooperation idea, and together we created a suitable solution.”

The member of the management board of Clevon, Arno Kütt, said that they didn’t need much time to think about the proposal and after conducting necessary assessments accepted it: “It is important to test new technological solutions that would ease the hard work of the hospital staff. Our multi-purpose platform vehicle CLEVON 1 is suitable for use in various business fields, including hospitals.” He added that this cooperation is once again an excellent example that it is possible to test world-class technology in Clevon’s small hometown of Viljandi.

CLEVON 1 will drive between the main building of the Viljandi Hospital and the departments in Jämejala Park four times a day based on the schedule. The hospital staff will place empty containers and containers filled with sample materials into the weatherproof and PIN-code lock protected cargo box of the robot courier at the agreed times. Once the sample materials have been collected, the driverless carrier returns to the hospital’s main building. A laboratory employee picks up the shipments and takes them to the laboratory for analysis.

“Tubes with sample materials are carefully packed in special containers, placed in thermal boxes and then placed on a stable base in the cargobox of the unmanned robot courier. This way, we ensure their high-quality transport corresponding to applicable requirements,” said Andrus Plees, the hospital’s administrative manager. 

According to the hospital´s administrative manager, the initial plan is to transport with the help of the teleoperated robot courier only test materials. “If the people of Jämejala Park adopt a robot carrier, the solution satisfies all parties, and cooperation goes smoothly; then we might add extra stops and extend the list we want the robot to transport. We already have thoughts on this,” said Andrus Plees.