On Monday, July 4, Cleveron Mobility’s unmanned vehicle CLEVON 1 delivered President Alar Karis’ speech to the Estonian honorary consuls. In addition, the honorary consuls had the opportunity to get to know the robot courier more closely and discuss the possibilities of bringing the autonomous vehicle to the streets in their respective countries.

July 4-6, a traditional conference for Estonia’s Honorary Consuls brought together hundred honorary consuls from 44 countries to further improve the promotion of Estonia, engage with Estonians abroad, and help our companies enter foreign markets.

The organizer of the conference, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, invited the Cleveron Mobility team to the event held at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds to present their innovative robot courier. Mobility’s CEO Sander Sebastian Agur made a presentation to the honorary consuls and it was also possible to take a closer look and see two unmanned CLEVON 1 vehicles driving.

President Alar Karis welcomed Estonian honorary consuls at the Kadriorg Rose Garden after the conference. The robot courier CLEVON 1 delivered the president’s speech, which caused great excitement among the guests. President Karis said that the efforts of honorary consuls support the expansion of our business in new markets and introduce Estonia to potential investors.

Cleveron Mobility CEO Sander Sebastian Agur agreed with the President Karis: “Cooperation with the honorary consuls is an excellent opportunity for many Estonian companies to expand their international reach. Cleveron Mobility is honoured to already work with many of them daily.”

Cleveron Mobility produces a new generation of self-driving unmanned robot couriers intending to make the delivery of goods to end consumers as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.