Transport Innovation of the Year at Parcel Postal 2023 award acceptance Amsterdam

Clevon has proudly received the title Transport Innovation of the Year at the Parcel Postal 2023 Technology International awards for deploying Europe’s first fleet of autonomous robot carriers on the busy centers of Vilnius in Lithuania together with REWE Groups’ Lithuanian grocery chain, IKI and the last-mile transportation platform LastMile.

A trio of driverless robots became a common sight in Vilnius city center. These autonomous robot carriers are a game-changer for grocery deliveries, delivering groceries directly to homes.  Each robot is equipped with our MultiBox top-application that has up to 6 secure compartments designed to accommodate both small and large online orders, capable of delivering up to six orders in a single journey.

They cruise at a careful speed of 25km/h and are fitted with 360° cameras and radars, ensuring they navigate the streets with precision. To guarantee safety and reliability, our team of teleoperators monitors each delivery in real-time, ready to intervene if necessary.

This award not only recognizes our innovative approach to transforming transport operations but also our commitment to eco-friendly and efficient delivery solutions. A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey!