Autonomous delivery robot in healthcare

In 2023, Viljandi Hospital partnered with Clevon to address the logistical hurdles it faced in efficiently connecting its two main complexes, which were located 1.6 miles (2.6 km) apart.

As one of Estonia’s largest general hospitals and the county’s largest employer with over 1,000 staff, the hospital accommodates more than 77,000 patients each year. The challenge of serving a patient base that exceeds the number of staff highlights the critical need for efficient time management to ensure quality care while maximizing the time available for each patient.

This project introduced the autonomous delivery robot CLEVON 1 to efficiently transport patient samples from the psychiatric care facility directly to the laboratory located in the main building. With 132 days of operation, over 2,500 samples were delivered 90% autonomously. With each sample delivered, the hospital staff gained 1 minute of extra time that was spent on patient care. This approach also saved a total of 7,190 minutes of manual driving, streamlining operations, and enhancing healthcare logistics.

For a deeper dive into the project with Viljandi Hospital, read the full case study here: