We’ve changed our business name from Cleveron Mobility AS to Clevon AS, valid from 06.12.2022. The decision to change the business name was adopted by the shareholders on 28.11.2022 without convening a general meeting.

The purpose of the change of the business name is to unify the business name and the trademark used CLEVON. Also, to differentiate them clearly from Cleveron AS and Cleveron trademark, stressing that these are different entities and brands.

Clevon received the trademark certificate from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This means that the EU trademark CLEVON has been successfully published and registered. The registration date is 29.11.2022.

Additionally, the coordination of Cleveron Academy, which provides robotics bachelor’s degree studies, will be brought under Clevon’s brand, and the name will be changed to Clevon Academy.