Clevon AS has developed and built the new MultiBox top-application, by which the functionality of the CLEVON 1 robot carrier is expanded. 

The CLEVON 1 robot carrier is a platform vehicle equipped with various top-applications for different business cases. Clevon’s first top application was the CargoBox, which has the advantage of being able to transport various-sized goods at the same time. The new MultiBox top application’s six compartments allow for the delivery of orders from six customers in a single ride.

The MultiBox’s six separate compartments ensure the safe and weatherproof protection of packages, and they each feature LED lights to assist customers in seeing inside the box and confirming the removal of all packages.

The customer experience offered by MultiBox is on par with that of the current CargoBox. Once the robot carrier arrives at the designated location, the end customer receives an SMS notification containing the door code. Upon exiting the premises and entering the door code, the specific door containing the customer’s package will open, while the remaining compartments remain securely closed, ensuring that no unauthorized person can access other customers’ packages.

“With improved delivery cycle planning, Clevon can now work more efficiently and precisely with their customers. This has resulted in faster parcel home deliveries and a reduction in empty trips for their robot carriers, ultimately promoting a climate-neutral future and enhancing the efficiency of Last Mile delivery,” says the member of the management board of Clevon AS, Arno Kütt. 

As part of their collaboration with existing customers, Clevon intends to implement the MultiBox top-application. This will be done first with DPD Estonia and DHL Express Estonia. The implementation of the MultiBox top-application in the DPD project has already begun today, March 13th, on the Jüri-Peetri route.

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